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Financial Advisory

Financial Information plays a salient role on the path to achieving the goals of an organization. In any industry, whether manufacturing or service, there are multiple departments, which function day in day out to achieve organizational goals.

The functioning of these departments may or may not be interdependent, but at the end they all have one important role to play – Accounting for assignments entrusted on their departments. The accounting & financial aspects of each and every department are recorded and are reported to various stakeholders.

There are two major of financial reports – Financial reports for various stakeholders & Management Reports for internal Management of an organization. Both reports are important and forms an integral part of Accounting & reporting system of an organization. At Foldav Global, Organizational productivity, Analysis, measurement and benchmarking, and decision making are integral part of our role as advisors in the area of Financial and Accounting advisory services. Foldav Global plays the important role of proffering quick and strategic routes to achieving the major essence of management accounting


Financial Planning

Foldav Global helps you make strategic informed decisions about your financial future both in the short term and long term.Our team help assist you to strategically turn your plan into reality through provision of strategic financial plan that will assist and guide you in the achievement of your goal. Financial planning important for corporate and individual growth.

Financial Health Check and Analytics

With Foldav health check and strategic financial analytics, we act proactively in detecting areas of future failures and thus proffer strategic solutions to avert the occurrence of the failure and thereby transform such to success for the organization.We analyze Corporate Investments, how the investment was acquired, and explore opportunities that can turn the investment to maximized wealth.

Financial Management - We provide strategic advice on corporate acquisition of investment, financing of the investment and proper utilization of the investment to increase and maximize the corporate value and worth.We provide strategic solutions to Investment decisions and financing decisions.Other areas of our service includes:

  • Management of Account Receivables
  • Cash Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Payroll Management
  • Productivity Measurement and Management
  • Scheduled Performance Management
  • Cost Performance Management
  • Requirements Performance Measurement
We also proffer strategic solutions to creation of company’s chart of account, coding, Book-keeping and Cloud accounting services.