Welcome to our corporate business

About Us

Foldav Global is an independent business advisory firm dedicated to proffering solutions to organizations’ administrative challenges. It offers leading edge on Financial Services (Analysis, Health Check and Management), Accounting Advisory, Tax Services, Industrial Training Fund Advisory Services (Registration and Compliance, Training Record Management, Maximum Reimbursement and Verification Planning) and Strategic business advisory services to businesses.

Foldav Global is committed to quality digitalized services in all aspects of client relationships. Along with substantial investments in technology, and learning resources, the quality control and safeguards established has enabled the delivery of high-quality services that are valued by clients.

Foldav Global never manipulate regulations, or authorities to get results. The firm has a proven and improving solutions to organizations’ administrative challenges and thus, real in delivering its services. Foldav Global works with client to cut through the complexities of today’s rapidly changing administrative tasks. We handle the tasks you get the result at a defined time.

What Makes Us Different

  • Strategic solutions to Administrative and Operational Issues
  • Prompt response to issues
  • Real routes to achieve results
  • Digitalized solutions

What We Do

Viewed in aggregate, Foldav Global has no match in the depth and
breadth of expertise we bring to bear on our clients’ behalf.

Our Vision

Unlocking Qualitative and Quantitative Strategic Solutions to Corporate, Government and Individual Administrative Problems, thereby making the company the sole solution provider to administrative and operational problems.

Our Mission

Creating opportunities that will solve corporate, government and individual administrative problems through strategic partnership, research, and acquisition of unique knowledge about respective problems of the client.